Unlocking the Secret: How to Acquire Blastnuts in Monster Hunter Rise!

Embark on a thrilling quest in Monster Hunter Rise as you delve into the mysterious world of Blastnuts. These elusive resources hold the key to unlocking powerful weapons and armor, providing hunters with a competitive edge in battle. In this in-depth guide, we uncover the secrets behind acquiring Blastnuts, offering valuable tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay experience.

Discover the hidden locations, optimal farming techniques, and essential skills necessary to gather this coveted item efficiently. Whether you are a novice hunter or a seasoned veteran, mastering the art of acquiring Blastnuts will undoubtedly elevate your hunting prowess and bring you one step closer to conquering the formidable monsters that await.

Key Takeaways
In Monster Hunter Rise, you can obtain Blastnuts by gathering them from Bombadgy, a small monster found in various locations. They will drop Blastnuts when defeated, so make sure to hunt them down to collect this valuable crafting material. Additionally, Blastnuts can also be obtained as rewards from some quests or found in supply boxes during missions. Make sure to keep an eye out for Bombadgy and other sources to stock up on Blastnuts for crafting items and upgrading gear in Monster Hunter Rise.

Understanding Blastnuts In Monster Hunter Rise

Blastnuts are a valuable resource in Monster Hunter Rise that can be used for crafting powerful items such as bombs and ammunition. They are essentially explosive nuts that can be harvested from specific gathering points in various locales throughout the game. Understanding how to effectively acquire and utilize Blastnuts is key to enhancing your hunting experience and increasing your chances of success in battles against formidable monsters.

To obtain Blastnuts, players need to locate gathering points like Bombadgy nests or Shadowcore Ore spots in the game world. These points are marked on the map and can be easily identified by their distinctive visual cues. By interacting with these gathering points, hunters can gather Blastnuts along with other useful resources that are essential for crafting and upgrading equipment.

In addition to being used for crafting, Blastnuts can also be used strategically in combat situations. When combined with other materials, Blastnuts can be crafted into powerful explosives or ammunition that can deal significant damage to monsters. Mastering the art of gathering Blastnuts and incorporating them into your hunting strategies will give you a competitive edge and help you overcome challenging hunts in Monster Hunter Rise.

Locations To Harvest Blastnuts

Blastnuts are a crucial resource in Monster Hunter Rise as they are used in crafting powerful bombs and ammunition. To harvest Blastnuts efficiently, players can explore various locations in the game where these explosive nuts can be found in abundance. One such area is the Shrine Ruins, where Blastnuts can be spotted growing near trees and in rocky areas. Players should thoroughly search these locations to gather a significant amount of Blastnuts before embarking on their quests.

Another fruitful location for harvesting Blastnuts is the Frost Islands, a snowy terrain teeming with resources. Keep an eye out for Blastnuts near icy patches and rocks as they are often tucked away in hidden corners. Utilizing the Wirebug to navigate tricky terrains can help players reach these elusive Blastnuts more easily. Additionally, exploring the Lava Caverns will reveal more Blastnuts nestled amidst the volcanic rocks and fiery landscapes. By diligently scouring these diverse environments, players can amass a substantial stockpile of Blastnuts to aid them in their monster-hunting endeavors.

Strategies For Efficient Blastnut Gathering

When it comes to efficiently gathering Blastnuts in Monster Hunter Rise, strategic planning is key. One effective approach is to focus on areas with high Blastnut spawn rates, such as the Lava Caverns and the Frost Islands. These locations often have clusters of Blastnut nodes that can be harvested repeatedly for a bountiful supply.

Additionally, utilizing the Gathering skill and eating for the Felyne Harvester food skill can increase your chances of obtaining more Blastnuts with each gathering attempt. Equipping the Geologist skill allows you to gather from nodes more times, maximizing your yield per expedition. Furthermore, consider using the Ghillie Mantle to move around undetected and gather Blastnuts without interruptions from hostile monsters.

By incorporating these strategies into your Blastnut gathering routine, you can efficiently stock up on this valuable resource for crafting powerful items and ammunition in Monster Hunter Rise.

Utilizing Blastnuts In Crafting And Combating Monsters

Blastnuts in Monster Hunter Rise serve a dual purpose in both crafting and combat scenarios. When it comes to crafting, Blastnuts are a key ingredient in producing powerful bombs and ammunition. By collecting Blastnuts during your hunts, you can expand your arsenal and create potent explosive items that can be utilized strategically during battles.

In combat, Blastnuts can be used as effective tools to deal damage to monsters. When strategically placed or shot at the right moment, Blastnuts can explode on impact, dealing significant damage to the target. Whether you prefer using them for direct attacks or as traps to lure monsters into, mastering the art of utilizing Blastnuts in combat can be a game-changer in your hunting endeavors.

Additionally, experimenting with different combinations of Blastnuts and other materials in crafting can lead to the creation of even more powerful explosives that can be essential in taking down the toughest of monsters. Understanding the versatility and impact of Blastnuts in both crafting and combat situations can greatly enhance your effectiveness as a hunter in Monster Hunter Rise.

Enhancing Weapons And Armor With Blastnuts

To enhance weapons and armor with Blastnuts in Monster Hunter Rise, players first need to gather an ample supply of Blastnuts through various quests and expeditions. Once a decent amount of Blastnuts has been collected, head to the Smithy in Kamura Village to start the enhancement process.

At the Smithy, select the weapon or armor piece you wish to enhance using Blastnuts. Choose the option to upgrade or augment the equipment and look for the Blastnuts option in the upgrade menu. Select the quantity of Blastnuts you want to use for the enhancement and confirm the upgrade.

Enhancing weapons with Blastnuts can add explosive properties to attacks, while improving armor with Blastnuts can provide additional defense against certain types of monsters. Experiment with different combinations and strategies to maximize the benefits of Blastnuts in customizing your gear for the challenging hunts that lie ahead in Monster Hunter Rise!

Trading And Buying Blastnuts

In Monster Hunter Rise, Blastnuts can also be obtained through trading and buying. After unlocking the Argosy Submarine by progressing through the game and completing specific quests, players can send the submarine on trading missions. These missions have a chance to bring back Blastnuts along with other valuable items, making it a convenient way to acquire them without having to gather resources yourself.

Furthermore, Blastnuts can be purchased from select vendors in the game for a reasonable amount of zenny. Visiting the market in the Kamura Village and checking with different merchants may lead you to a vendor selling Blastnuts. This can be a quick and efficient method for those in need of Blastnuts for crafting or upgrading purposes.

By utilizing the trading feature of the Argosy Submarine and keeping an eye out for vendors selling Blastnuts in Kamura Village, players can easily supplement their Blastnut stockpile. Whether you prefer trading for them or simply buying them, these methods offer practical solutions for obtaining Blastnuts to enhance your hunting experience in Monster Hunter Rise.

Challenges And Obstacles In Acquiring Blastnuts

Acquiring Blastnuts in Monster Hunter Rise may present challenges and obstacles for players. One significant hurdle is the scarcity of Blastnuts in the game world. Players will need to invest time and effort in searching specific areas or defeating certain monsters to gather an ample supply of Blastnuts for their arsenal.

Another challenge lies in the competition among players for these valuable resources. With Blastnuts being a sought-after item for crafting powerful weapons and gear, players may find themselves facing tough competition or needing to navigate through intense battles to secure their Blastnut stash.

Additionally, the dangers of the monster-infested environments where Blastnuts can be found add another layer of complexity. Players must be prepared to tackle aggressive monsters and environmental hazards while on the hunt for Blastnuts, requiring strategic planning and skillful gameplay to overcome these obstacles and emerge victorious.

Tips For Maximizing Blastnut Resources

To maximize your Blastnut resources in Monster Hunter Rise, consider utilizing the Botanical Researcher to cultivate them in the field. By assigning the appropriate items to grow Blastnuts, you can increase your supply without the need to constantly search for them in the wild. Additionally, regularly harvesting your cultivated Blastnuts will ensure a steady stream of this valuable resource.

Another tip for maximizing Blastnut resources is to focus on capturing endemic life that can assist in gathering. Some endemic life creatures can aid in locating Blastnuts or even provide you with additional resources when interacting with them. Taking the time to capture and utilize these creatures effectively can significantly boost your Blastnut supply.

Lastly, when out in the field, make sure to thoroughly explore each area and check all the nooks and crannies for hidden Blastnuts. Often, these resources can be found in unexpected places, so a keen eye and thorough exploration are key to collecting as many Blastnuts as possible during your hunts. By implementing these tips, you can ensure you have an abundance of Blastnuts to enhance your Monster Hunter Rise gameplay experience.


Where Can Blastnuts Be Found In Monster Hunter Rise?

Blastnuts can be found in Monster Hunter Rise by gathering them from Bombadgy monsters or from certain gathering points in various locales such as the Shrine Ruins and the Flooded Forest. Bombadgy can be hunted for a chance to receive Blastnuts in their drops, making them a reliable source for acquiring this explosive material. Additionally, Blastnuts can also be obtained by gathering them from specific locations on the map marked by a shiny spot, providing an alternative method for obtaining this valuable resource in the game.

What Is The Best Way To Farm Blastnuts Efficiently?

To farm Blastnuts efficiently in the game, locate areas where Blastnuts grow abundantly, such as forests or volcanic regions. Utilize tools like bombs or elemental attacks to gather Blastnuts quickly. Additionally, consider using weapons with wide-reaching attacks to easily collect multiple Blastnuts at once. By planning your route and maximizing your resources, you can efficiently farm Blastnuts for crafting and upgrading in the game.

Do Blastnuts Have Any Special Uses Or Benefits In The Game?

In the game, Blastnuts are valuable resources that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are primarily used in crafting powerful explosives that can be used to damage enemies or clear obstacles. Additionally, Blastnuts can also be traded for in-game currency or used as a bargaining chip in negotiations with other players. Overall, Blastnuts play a crucial role in enhancing gameplay by providing players with the means to strategize and overcome challenges more effectively.

Are There Any Specific Monsters Or Quests That Provide A Higher Chance Of Obtaining Blastnuts?

In “Monster Hunter Rise,” the Goss Harag and Bishaten monsters are known to drop Blastnuts more frequently when defeated. Additionally, completing the Rampage quests featuring these monsters can also yield a higher chance of obtaining Blastnuts as rewards. Players can focus on hunting Goss Harag and Bishaten, as well as participating in Rampage quests, to increase their Blastnut supply for crafting and upgrading in the game.

Can Blastnuts Be Obtained Through Any Special Tricks Or Techniques In Monster Hunter Rise?

Blastnuts are a crafting material that can be obtained through mining in Monster Hunter Rise. They are commonly found in mining outcrops in various regions of the game. There are no special tricks or techniques required to obtain Blastnuts other than simply mining for them in the designated areas. Players can increase their chances of finding Blastnuts by visiting different mining outcrops across the map and using the Gathering skill to improve their mining yields. Happy hunting!


Mastering the art of acquiring Blastnuts in Monster Hunter Rise can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor for players seeking to enhance their arsenal. By following the detailed strategies and tips outlined in this guide, hunters can streamline their approach and increase their chances of amassing these valuable resources efficiently. Remember, patience and persistence are key when embarking on the quest to unlock the secret of obtaining Blastnuts in the game.

Embrace the journey of discovery and refinement as you hone your skills and techniques in Monster Hunter Rise. With dedication and a strategic mindset, no challenge is insurmountable, and success is within reach. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to triumph in the hunt for Blastnuts, and elevate your gameplay to new heights in this thrilling adventure.

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